- Cadastral Maps & Owner Databases for about 450 Cadastral Zones in all around Albania, FYROM Macedonia.
Financed by: World Bank, EU, etc."Clients: IPRO, ARD Inc., OSCE, SAGW etc."

- Surveying, Digitalizations, Mapping & GIS of different scales 1: 200, 1: 500, 1: 1000, 1: 2500, 1: 5000, 1: 10000.
Financed by: Private - Business."Clients: Anglo-Albanian Petrolium, etc. "

- Surveying and Expropriation for various engineering designs like highways, interchanges, electric lines, canals etc:Rrogozhine-Elbasan, Q.Thane-Pogradec-Korca, Tepelene-Gjirokaster, Fier-Tepelene, Jergucat-Sarande-Konispol, Rreshen-Kalimash, Al Shuqaiq – At Tuval, Tirane-Podgorice, etc
Financed by: EU. "Clients: ItalConsult, Scetaroute, Bechtel-Enka, etc."

- Supervision of large civil construction projects like: highways ( Rreshen-Kalimash ), Interchanges ( F.Kruje-Milot, Kamza)
Financed by: EU. "Clients: ItalConsult, Scetaroute"

- Bathymetric hydrographic survey in Vlora, Buna River.
Financed by: Private - Business.

- Feasibility studies for large civil constructions like: Lezha –Shkoder, Q.Thane-Pogradec-Korce highways, small hydropower plants, etc.
Financed by: EU, Private. " Clients: Altea, "

- Design of urban, rural and service roads for more than 120km around Albania (Elbasan, Korce, Bilisht, Gramsh,Sarande, Durres)
Financed by: GRD, Municipalities, Private. "Clients: GRD, AMC, etc. "

- Surveying support of civil constructions like: Highways (Vore-F.Kruje, Rreshen-Kalimash, Sarande-Konispol),Tunnel (Rreshen-Kalimash, 6km), Water supplies (Korca, Pogradec, Elbasan), etc
Financed by: Private. "  Clients: Bechtel-Enka, Elber, Alb-Building etc.

- Integrity monitoring of civil structures like: dams, land slides, retaining walls, steep slopes, near-shore constructions.
Financed by: Private. " Clients: Smartec, Water Dam of Iber-Lepenc"

- Urban Planning of 40 Ha in Saranda Town.
Financed by: Municipality of Saranda. " Clients: Municipality of Saranda."

Overhaul of the turbine, the hydraulic power network in Koman.
- Financed by: World Bank
- Clients: Veve Group, Andritz – Hydro

Cadastral records of the buildings in 7 cities in Kosovo: Decan, Dragas, Istok, South Mitrovica, Northern Mitrovica, Skenderaj and Malishevė.
- Financed by: World Bank
- Clients: Kosovo Cadastral Agency

Road Design and Expropriation of Banje – Gramsh Road (60km)
- Financed by: Devolli Hydropower - Statcraft

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