Our Company operates with a high sensitivity for People, Society and the Environment.

The foundation of the Company was the distillate of matured collaboration amongst some colleague engineers with diverse experiences and know-how in engineering fields.

The vision and pursuits of the Company are to consistently invest in ‘State-of- the-Art’ high technology Instruments, Equipment and Software, in the recruitment and continuous development of high quality Human Resources and in the establishment of strong associations and synergies, in order to fulfilling the optimum way the engineering projects that it undertakes.

By meticulous blending of our rich experiences with contemporary technology and high professional ethics and standards, our staff is able to provide our clients with results, solutions and services of high quality and within agreed time schedules.


Company Details

Registered Name:Lorenco & CO. Sh.p.k 
Registration Date: 18.01.2008
VAT:J 61903071 B
License No:2041/5
Administrator:Lorenc ZANI